Why a VA Loan?

Alliance Home Loans is committed to helping those who’ve bravely served our country. As a thank you for your service, we only charge a doc preparation and wire fee on all VA loans, totaling $1,275 in savings on loan origination fees. VA Loans already have the most favorable loan terms. Don’t let other lenders charge you fees you don’t need to pay.

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  • $1,275 in savings on loan origination fees with Alliance Home Loans*
  • No down payment required, with up to 100% loan-to-value
  • No up-front mortgage insurance premium
  • No annual mortgage insurance premium
  • No prepayment penalty
  • Forbearance/assistance options
  • No maximum loan amount

*Alliance Home Loans' typical lender fees of $1,275 for loan origination and processing are not charged on VA loans. Must be a VA Loan and not eligible on any other loan types.


  • Credit score of 500 or above
  • VA Funding Fee required (exemptions apply)
  • Certificate of Eligibility required
  • Original entitlement must be satisfied before new entitlement may be used
  • Subject property must be primary residence (on purchase transactions only)

Additional Programs

As a veteran, it is quite possible that you will find your best value in a VA loan. Because the VA guarantees a portion of the loan, it enables lenders to provide more favorable terms, including 100% financing and some of the lowest interest rates available. Eligibility for a VA loan is contingent on the borrower’s length and status of active duty military service. VA loans do not carry a maximum loan amount, but do place limits on insurance liability to investors. You will not find a mortgage banker that works harder than Alliance to qualify VA borrowers, many with 580 credit scores and lower. 

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We appreciate our veterans and are committed to helping them get into the homes that will make their lives more comfortable. If you are interested in learning more, contact Alliance Home Loans today and let us show you the options available.